During most weeks during the academic year, the Tech Catholic Community holds some sort of educational event. We usually have a major lecture once a month, about which more below. On other weeks, we hold "Tech Catholic Talks" on Mondays after Mass, which are either student-led discussions on topics of interest (often a lecture held recently), or else Fr. Michael or perhaps another guest speaker will give a talk on some topic chosen by the TCC Council, particularly the Education Chairs. Please contact the Education Chairs if you have any ideas for future talks. 


TCC-Sponsored Lectures at MIT

The Tech Catholic Community tends to sponsor major lectures about once a month, in cooperation with the Thomistic Institute chapter at MIT and through the Catherine McLaughlin Hakim Lecture and Education Fund. Many of these talks are available online on the TI SoundCloud page. A playlist of MIT-specific talks can be accessed here.

“God, Beauty, and Mathematics”

Prof. Alexander Pruss, Baylor University

Professor Pruss gave a terrific talk at MIT asking the questions:

1)  What are mathematical concepts such that they can apply to the real world outside our minds? and 2) How can mathematics be beautiful?  and suggesting that the existence and creative activity of God is the best answer to both of these questions. You can tell this is an MIT audience when the speaker makes a joke about mathematical functions, and some people actually laugh…

Formed Subscription

The TCC also has a subscription to FORMED.ORG.

Just visit to enjoy access to a host of Catholic educational resources.